Mary Anne Law 1827-1904 the wife of John James Styles 1825-1904, told the story below as if it were her  family, we now believe the link may have  come into the Styles Family far earlier  during  the 1700's.

Mary Anne Law was born in Epping, her  father was James Law , mother  unknown. From the 1851 census we know she had a sister Jane who was 21 and was staying with her during the census.

Whilst the Bowles family  appears to relate to the Epping area it could be Latton or some distance away (now known to be Theydon Bois).

The story

The daughter of a Lord & Lady Bowles ran off with the son of the gardener, his name was Hampton, on returning to the family home after marrying him she was shown the door, told never to return and disowned.

This story passed down my family line, was it fact or fiction? We could not be sure of the name, who were the Bowles, were they self titled or Lords of the Manor, we are still looking.

The cousin I found in 2001 had a slip of paper in the family Bible which had been handed down through their  branch of the family and  confirm the name existed.

The names on the slip

Daniel Linsell Ingleton    b.  February 24th 1783, Monday night at 9pm

Arabella Bowles            b.  August 3rd 1788

Charles Bowles              b.  December 15th 1790

James Bowles                 b.  February 26th 1793

William Bowles               b.  March 2nd 1795

Harriet Bowles                b.  December 28th 1797

John Styles                      b.  February 23rd 1803

We note that John Styles, son of Thomas & Sarah of Latton is on the bottom of the slip of paper, this appears to put the date  well before Mary Anne Law married in to the Styles Family. Could they be cousins?


We have now found the Bowles family from Theydon Bois, Elizabeth Bowles married John Styles in 1823, but who were her parents John and Sarah Bowles (see family trees).

No trace has been found of the Ingleton family.

Does anyone  have the clue!