Sarah, daughter of John and Elizabeth Styles married James Whiffin on the 4th of January 1847. James a builder born in Cambridgeshire (possibly in Linton, a concentration of Whiffin's)  most probably met Sarah whilst buying bricks at the yard in Coopersale.

James and Sarah had eight  children:

Elizabeth  Mary           1847-

George Jabez Styles 1849-1934

Adelade Sarah            1853- 

Harriet Maria               1856-

Gaius                            1858-1943

Amelia Laura               1862-

Albert                            1865-

Frederick                      1871-1959

Many of their descendents  lived in the village, as late as the 1990's I found flowers on the  Whiffin graves to the rear of the church yard. 


Picture of James Whiffin 1820-1902, & Sarah Whiffin nee Styles 1826-1912, and their home at  Coopersale.

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 JAMES WHIFFIN 1820-1902

                       SARAH WHIFFIN nee styles 1826-1912    J & R Styles 




Whiffin grave centre of picture at St Albans church yard, Coopersale.