Styles family pictures

Thomas Styles 1760-1837 and his wife Sarah  Styles 1763-1835 are recorded in Latton (now Harlow), their children:

Thomas  1793-1810        William  1797-1885  born Latton      John       1802-1887 born Latton

Mary      1801-             Rachel Langley 1804-1810

Our earliest information on  Styles links with Coopersale comes from family Wills which reveal land in Coopersale in the mid 1830's given   instead of going to law.

By the census of  1841 William and John are established with their families in Theydon Bois and Coopersale Common on the brick fields as  Brick makers.


William in Theydon Bois with his wife Maria (1798-1845) and 9 children.

Thomas  1825-        Maria    1826-        Eliza      1827        Sarah      1828        Emma 1830-1897

 Mary      1831-       William  1834-        Charles 1838         Elizabeth  1846


John in Coopersale Common with his wife Elizabeth (1801-1882) and 3 children

John James 1825-1904        Sarah 1826-1912        Thomas  1830-1900

John James is sent to college and becomes a carpenter, a skilled trade in the 19th century. He  married Mary Anne Law (1827-1904) from Epping at All Saints Church Theydon Garnon on 26th September 1848, they continue to live in the village and can be traced through the census returns with their 7 children.

Emily Elizabeth 1851-        Matilda Jane 1852        John James 1853-1940's        Sarah Anne 1856-

Thomas Luther 1861-        Jemima Augusta- 1862-        Agnes Maud 1870-

Sarah married James Whiffin, Builder, on the 4th January 1847 and settles in Coopersale Common with their 8 children. Can be traced through the census returns. See Whiffin Page and pictures.


Thomas marries his cousin Emma, daughter of William and live at the Brick Field, Coopersale Common with their 8 children, later taking over the Brick Making business. Can be traced through the census returns. See Brick Field picture.

Ernest Thomas 1862-        Emma Adelaide 1865-        Thomas John 1866-       

*Arthur Charles 1887-1888        Alice Sarah            Elizabeth Maria 1857-

*Clara Emma 1860-        *George 1873-

* short lived